FOIA Requests & Consult

For a low fixed fee our experience FOIA staff prepare, file and coordinate each information request with the agency. FGI’s expertise will assist you to formulate the scope of requests, assess the fairness of the agency response times, fees estimates, and final decision determinations, while ensuring 100% customer anonymity and confidentiality.

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State Open Records Requests

State Open Records statutes provide the public access to state and local agency records.

State FOIA law procedures vary significantly. FGI will guide you through the process. Our goal is to ensure you obtain the most cost efficient information release, in a timely manner.

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"Reverse FOIA" Redaction Services

"Reverse-FOIA" is a recognized legal process designed to protect a company's proprietary technical, pricing or other sensitive information from being released to competitors under the FOIA or State Disclosure statutes.

The benefits of a Reverse-FOIA program include ...

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Privacy Act Requests

The Privacy Act empowers you to obtain or correct your records that are maintained by the government.

  • Obtain your personal files (e.g. FBI, VA, Military, Immigration, Passport, other application or investigative records)
  • Verify, correct, supplement or remove information from your Government files that can adversely impact ...
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FOIA Group's reputation for being very aggressive under the law is behind each FOIA request, and it brings results for our customers that other vendors can't compare.

  • Highest Ethical Business Practices
  • "Free" FOIA Legal Consult
  • Cost effective - low fixed rate
  • Coordinate all FOIA related issues with agency staff on your behalf, with assured customer satisfaction
  • 20+ years of FOIA experience challenging agency decisions
  • Clients include the "Who's – Who" of government contractors, major corporations, law firms and new media – but you will never see their identities disclosed in our marketing brochures, or in any other manner.

All services are 100% legal, confidential, and anonymity guaranteed