Review Agency FOIA Logs

Your 1st defense toward protecting your proprietary data from disclosure


... is seeking your company’s information


... contract, proposal or other information are they seeking

... Specific Agencies

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... from which agency under the FOIA or State Disclosure Laws

The Benefits

Government Contractors: agencies are required to maintain a detail log of incoming FOIA requests. Often contractors never receive the mandated agency notification that a FOIA request was received for their material. In these instances, a contractor’s proprietary data can be released by the agency without the contractor’s knowledge or consent. (We see this happen all the time). To prevent these infractions, many of our customers review the agency FOIA logs on a regular basis to learn ...

  • Whether their contracts are being FOIA’d, and by who?
  • Identify other competitor’s contracts being requested and released under FOIA. Find out what information was disclosed.

News Media and Journalists: you may have worked weeks or even months researching a topic for publication. However, if you utilize the FOIA process your competition can learn the scope and substance of your efforts. The agency FOIA process does not protect the requester with a shield of anonymity. Identify what topics the other news organizations are researching.

Law Firms and other Professionals: pro-actively identify the existence of information requests that can have an embarrassing or adverse impact on your clients.

For more information

FGI secures the agency logs from most agencies on a monthly basis. To learn more about tracking information via the agency FOIA logs contact