Government Buyers List (GBL)

View Sample Government Spending Report – Office Supplies

FOIA Group, Inc., teamed with Intelimap Inc, (a national data analysis firm) to offer the most comprehensive information data set of detailed agency purchases. Utilizing Federal and State data, the Government Buyers List is compiled from agency SMARTPAY, GSA Advantage, P-Cards, and other available sources.

The information provides current purchasing transactions for both agency-wide activity down to specific individual buyers. More importantly, since GBL tracks individual transactions, we can segment lists by agency, industry, SIC Code, vendor and in some cases by product type. This competitive intelligence includes:

  • Agency, Buyer’s name, address and contact information (phone and email)
  • Total number of purchases, including dollar amounts, for designated timeframe
  • Merchant or Vendor (Seller)
  • MCC category of products or services purchased

GBL Data Examples:

Agency Wide purchasing analysis in the Clothing Industry sector, see: GBL Fact Sheet – Clothing Industry

Synopsis: More than 40K Govt. Buyers (300k+ transactions) spending over $84M on clothing primarily across 4 agencies.

Individual Buyer purchasing analysis, see: GBL Fact Sheet – John Doe.

Synopsis: 122 purchases, $154k, Office Supplies. Primary Merchant – Staples.

Why Should I Use GBL?

GBL is a vital competitive intelligence tool to develop and implement a company’s Government sector marketing plan and sales strategy. Identify the key individuals who are responsible for major purchases within your industry. GBL CI data tools enable you to -

  • Target and contact key government buyers (mail campaigns and direct calls)
  • Create current agency purchasing reports for your industry
  • Identify competitors market share within your business sector

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