Privacy Act Requests

The Privacy Act empowers an individual to obtain or correct their government records.

  • Obtain your personal files (e.g. FBI, VA, Military, Immigration, Passport, other application or investigative records)

  • Verify, correct, supplement or remove information from your Government files that can adversely impact your reputation, employment, future promotion, security clearance, veterans, social security or other benefits.

What can you do?

Obtain your personal government files. These files are available to you under the Privacy Act. The law requires that the Government respond, and provide you access to, and/or copies of, your personal records. To initiate this process you must file a properly drafted Privacy Act request letter at each agency that may possess your personal files.

Review your Government files to ensure that they are accurate and complete. If you find a mistake or error, then you have the opportunity to correct, supplement or remove this information in your Government files.

Fixed Fee

Requests Pricing starts at $95.00 per request, and scales upward. Volume discounts are available.

Free Quote

For a free quotation please send us the scope of your information request or requirement to, or fax to (716) 608-7604. FGI staff will promptly respond. All service inquiries and quotations are confidential.