State Open Record Requests

Free legal consultation during the process

Highest Ethical Business Practices

NDA's executed upon request

FGI assistance during the State Open Record Request process...

  • Identify agency documents to best satisfy your information requirement
  • Draft, review, coordinate the FOIA request letter with customer
  • File the request at designated agency, confirm receipt and processing
  • Coordinate progress with customer, effectively modify the scope of each request as required
  • Evaluate agency processing fees and challenge as appropriate
  • Negotiate the applicability of FOIA Exemption(s) and final release determinations with agency staff
  • Upon receipt, documents are scanned and forwarded to customer in soft copy

Our goal is to ensure our customers receive the most cost efficient information release.

FGI challenges adverse agency decisions during the process

Unlike other vendors, FOIA Group has the capability to challenge agency actions ...

  • Timeliness of the document disclosure
  • Redaction's and withholding of information
  • Processing fees associated with each FOIA request, and
  • Any other agency decision, as appropriate.

File FOIA Appeal or Request for Reconsideration

FOIA Group reviews all document(s) released by the agency to ensure that our client receives the maximum cost-efficient document release. If the agency improperly withheld data or assessed an unreasonable processing fee, Foia Group, Inc. will evaluate appellate remedies against the agency and initiate the appropriate action.

Protect customer FOIA "anonymity & confidentiality"

The identity of our customer is never revealed to any government agency, contractor or other entity. Unlike the typical beltway consultants, you will never see your identity referenced in any FOIA Group, Inc. marketing brochures or disclosed in any manner.

Fixed FOIA Fee

Requests Pricing starts at $95.00 per request, and scales upward. Volume discounts are available.

Free Quote

For a free quotation please send us the scope of your information request or requirement to, or fax to (716) 608-7604. FGI staff will promptly respond. All service inquiries and quotations are confidential.